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At 5&Vine, we help Challenger Brands win. We’re a full-service branding and marketing agency for brands who challenge the status quo.

With a potent mix of strategy, branding and digital marketing, we’ve helped brands such as ecobee, Greenlight, Walmart, Invisalign, Pura, Dialogue (and more) lead successful brand launches, growth campaigns, rebrands and website redesigns.

Our name denotes the unconventional tools David used to defeat Goliath – 5 stones from a river and a slingshot made of twine. This metaphor guides our approach: we evaluate the strengths of our client and the vulnerabilities of their industry incumbent to uncover our client’s ‘5&Vine’​.

As a Certified B Corporation, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of social and environmental impact and work with brands to enable them to do the same.