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A & O is a one-stop shop for digital marketing services for small to medium sized businesses and organizations. We specialize in helping people who are mission-driven and forward-thinking in their industry, so they can reach both their financial goals and their social impact goals.

Whether you’re interested in driving foot traffic, generating new leads, or increasing brand recognition, digital channels like local SEO, social media management, email marketing, and advertising offer budget-friendly ways to accomplish your marketing goals, when in the right hands. For owner-operated businesses, managing so many different apps and tools can exhausting and demotivating, which is why we at Apples & Oranges Analytics and Marketing handle everything from creative production and copywriting to online platform management and website maintenance.

We at A & O off SEO marketing, i.e. increasing keyword volume, visibility, and click-through-rate, in order to get you more organic (i.e. “free”) users to your website. Our work consists of identifying your website’s current keywords and also demonstrating to you which keywords you should be collecting, and which keywords your competitors have. After all, the more keywords your website has, the more opportunities Google has to match you with people out there in the world, searching for something that you can offer.

We at A & O also provide social media marketing services by creating entertaining, educational, and inspiring content for insatiable social media users interested in getting to know your brand. We also partner with influencers of all sizes for extended outreach and social proof. At the end of the day, A+ social media marketing has to look good, yield high engagement, and keep your brand perpetually spoken about among those interested in what you’re offering.

We at Apples & Oranges Analytics and Marketing recognize the great potential (and responsibility) that goes into speaking to hundreds, if not thousands of your email subscribers. Our email marketing services consist of publishing campaigns and automations so to create a one-to-one relationship with your prospective customer.

Google. Facebook. TikTok. Pinterest. There are so many places to put your advertising dollars today. Each one comes with it’s own learning curve and we at Apples & Oranges Analytics and Marketing provide you with the best efforts for the platform you choose. In the event that you don’t know which advertising platform to put your budget on, we can help answer this question via our advertising discovery process. No matter which advertising platform you’re looking to work on, there are three areas of strategy that need to be fully realized in order to reach success.


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Our core offering at A & O is the creation, publication, and distribution of content intended for targeted segments of people uniquely interested in what your brand has to say and offer.