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At BeniPlus we are an insurance technology company that is passionate about closing the gap in traditional benefits and ensuring that small businesses have access to the health, wellness, and financial benefits they want and need.

We understand that small businesses face unique challenges in providing benefits to their teams. Many traditional benefits plans offer rigid, one-size-fits all solutions that can be expensive and may not meet the needs of all your team members. That’s where we come in.

Our platform offers a flexible and tailor-made solution that empowers small businesses to choose the benefits and budget that works best for them. Our technology allows employers and employees to manage their benefits with ease from any device.

At BeniPlus, we believe that every small business should have access to the benefits they need to ensure their team can be happy, healthy, and productive. That is why we provide a personalized and innovative approach to benefits that puts small businesses in control. Join us in our mission to bridge the gap in traditional benefits and provide small businesses with the benefits they need to thrive.

BeniPlus offers a proprietary digital BeniPlus Wallet solutions designed for small and medium sized businesses. It fits every budget and headcount, and is tailor-made for SMEs. Our product allows employers to create a customized benefits choosing one or all of our benefits options of Healthcare Spending Accounts (HSA), Wellness Spending Accounts (WSA), Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP), Personal Insurance and Charitable Giving.

BeniPlus Allows employers to offer a set amount of benefits to some or all of their employees. Employees can then divide their benefits between their eligible benefits options and customize their benefits to fit their needs.

BeniPlus also offers a full range of traditional insurance products including group and individual Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Travel Insurance and Major Medical Insurance.


Q What is the BeniPlus Wallet?

The BeniPlus Wallet is a simple, flexible and affordable way for small business owners to provide a benefit plan to themselves and their employees. It is a lot like regular employee, or group benefits, because it can be used to provide employees with the same insurance, health and dental benefits as a traditional benefit plan. However, the BeniPlus Wallet also allows an employee to use the funds to purchase a wide variety of other things, or contribute to an RRSP, purchase insurance or donate money to their favorite charity.

Q How is it Different than Traditional Employee Benefits?

With a traditional employee benefits plan, companies need to choose between set plans and then they pay a monthly premium based on their employees’ demographics and medical conditions. They pay the same monthly premium even if employees do not use the benefits and if they do use them, the company may get a noticeable increase in costs at the end of each year. With the BeniPlus Wallet, companies get to choose the limit each employee can spend each year and they only pay if their employee uses the plan. There are no surprises at renewal time.

Q What About Big Expenses?

The BeniPlus Wallet is really great for more routine expenses like medicine, glasses, visits to the dentist, gym memberships and those types of expenses. Employers also have the option of getting Major Medical and Travel insurance for their employees to cover bigger, unexpected medical expenses both at home and out of provide. And it only costs between $20 and $40 per month per employee.

Q How Do I Get Set Up?

Setting up a plan is super easy. Companies only need to provide basic information like company name, contact information, banking information and their employees’ names and email addresses. BeniPlus then reaches out to each employee to get their contact information, dependents names and banking information and tell them how to download the app to start claiming.

Q How is it Flexible for Employers?

When setting up, employers get to choose which categories of benefits they want to offer their employees. Some only want to offer basic medical expenses and that’s okay. Others may want to offer the whole package including health expenses, wellness expenses, personal insurance, contributing to an RRSP, or giving to charity. Employees then get to choose which benefits they actually want to take advantage of, so employers aren’t paying for benefits that employees aren’t using.