Bifrost Cloud


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Founded in 2019 just outside of Toronto Canada, Bifrost Cloud was built to modernize the cloud storage industry in a way that doesn’t require billions of dollars to participate. By enabling small independent storage providers to pool their resources together and form a cloud of highly secure and resilient storage that scales to compete with the traditional cloud providers’ massive infrastructure we’ve stumbled upon a few other benefits.

From an environmental perspective our modern architecture allows for an extended life of existing hardware resources. This has become even more important as we’ve experienced the recent struggles of the global supply chain and are starting to see silicon become a relatively scarce resource. Smaller hardware deployments also do not require as much cooling and in environments where it is required, it is often being cooled by systems that would be already activated for other purposes.

Perhaps the biggest benefit we’ve uncovered is the ability to dramatically reduce the price of cloud storage. We believe that data is a critical asset for organizations and our goal is to make it affordable and accessible for organizations of all sizes to store, manage, and access their data.