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We began as a creative studio, with a focus on animation and brand design. And that ability to, from the ground up, articulate what a brand is – how it moves, what it says – continues to inform everything we do. Loopmedia is built on a production model and that key differentiating factor carries with it considerable advantages. One benefit is our ability to produce high quality work in a cost-effective manner: everything unfolding under one roof, produced by a team working to a shared vision and common goals.

Another major advantage that adds value: we’re a non-union shop.

For the past twenty years we’ve been laying the groundwork, meticulously building a production infrastructure perfectly geared to the demands of the new economy. To fully realize that vision, we hired some of the industry’s top editorial, creative and digital talent.

Animation is one of our core capabilities; it means we have the power, in either 2D or 3D, to create absolutely anything at all. We evolved from branding and animation into live action video and video editing, a natural transition that built upon our core competencies.