Luxor CRM


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We offer an expansive suite of robust technology solutions developed specifically for restoration professionals and insurance carriers to run their businesses more efficiently so they can focus on what鈥檚 most important: putting people鈥檚 lives back together.

DASH: A cloud-based solution designed to help restoration businesses run more efficiently. With real-time documentation, DASH empowers restoration businesses to easily manage projects from anywhere, with the confidence of built-in compliance and data tracking.

MICA Mobility: This simple, efficient, and comprehensive water mitigation solution offers real-time auditing and automatic equipment calculations. MICA allows contractors and adjusters to eliminate paperwork and provide detailed reports upon job completion.

ProAssist: A real-time customer communication portal that helps restoration professionals keep homeowners updated every step of the way on every job. ProAssist allows instant photo sharing, text message alerts, documentation, and digital signatures.