Peninsula Employment Services.


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Peter Done, Peninsula’s Founder and Managing Director, started the company in 1983 with his brother Fred. They got the idea for the business after experiencing the effects of receiving poor legal advice first-hand and paying a hefty settlement in a legal dispute.

That experience made them realize that SMBs needed a reliable, better, and more affordable option.

Peninsula was launched as the first consultancy firm with the goal of making HR and health & safety services accessible to small businesses. From writing staff contracts and health & safety policies to tribunal representation, Peninsula offered complete HR and OHS support to take the stress out of running a business. Given its unique offerings, we grew to become the global market leader.

Today, we have a global presence and support over 120,000 SMBs globally.

We are a business that offers an in-house HR and health & safety department, taking on the HR and health & safety functions of the business, advising business owners on how to manage their teams and handle any employment-related issues. Our company is the only one that provides 24/7 HR and OHS support to SMBs. This allows our clients to get advice immediately if they need it or at their leisure, ensuring reliable help is available around the clock.

We specialize in employment matters and help our clients avoid legal issues, to begin with, that is cost-effective. The HR function is vital for any business often taking up the time of business owners and senior managers. This not only creates a lot of administrative work, but small business owners don’t always have the expertise to deal with HR-related issues correctly and prevent legal consequences to their business. That’s why we help small businesses have a good infrastructure and stay compliant and protected.

Exceptional service within Peninsula means our clients not only have their needs met and questions answered but are provided with an experience that surpasses their expectations. Our goal is to ‘wow’ every client and potential client we interact with. Whether they have experienced the in-depth knowledge of our advice team, the thorough and strong documents tailored for each company, the ease of use of our online software, or the high-level protection in place to support our clients, we look to ensure our clients receive a superior level of support. Exceptional service also means, never resting on the laurels of the past. With every new accomplishment, comes a new sense of pride in our work, which leads to another year of success and determination to exceed our own results and continue to exceed our client’s expectations.

We also have award-winning smart HR software. Transforming people management for small businesses by providing leading HR and health & safety software as well as advice and support needed for owners to grow their businesses. It saves business owners and HR professionals valuable time and money by taking away the time spent on important HR daily tasks.

Products and services offered

With our HR support, you can take your business to new heights. Our clients have access to expert HR advice 24/7. No matter how small or large your problem is, we’re always ready to help you solve it. As part of our service guarantee, we provide quick responses for our existing clients and potential clients. Our promise is that we will make sure our service guarantee is adhered to. We answer calls within 8 seconds. Any time a client or prospect has a question or concern with our service, we aim to respond and resolve it within 3 hours. We also make sure to follow up to ensure all concerns are resolved to their satisfaction.

To provide our clients with an easy-to-use tool that offers quick accessibility and access to an online artificial intelligence data repository, we created BrAInbox. An innovative solution that guides SMBs in managing their employees and mitigating legal risks. Information with BrAInbox is accurate and guided by our team of experts.

Businesses may require assistance in real-time while dealing with an employee, HR, or legal matter. In these instances, BrAInbox allows the client to ask the question and receive instant and accurate answers. If the situation is a high risk, business owners will be notified, allowing them to follow proper steps. This prevents them from making a poor decision on the spot, which could be detrimental to their business.

Supporting the needs and wants of SMBs and HR professionals across Canada is what we do. One of the various ways that we provide support is through our expert advice. We give advice on HR, health & safety, and any employment-related issues or topics. One of the ways in which we do this is through our informative weekly webinars hosted by our very own experts. We cover a wide range of timely topics to ensure SMBs and HR professionals are up to date with the latest information, so they are compliant. We also provide immediate updates to clients on legislative changes that impact their business operations and guidance on what they need to do to prepare for the changes to be compliant.

Our health & safety team provides risk assessments, compliance reviews, a comprehensive management system, a responsibility planner, and training courses, as well as access to the 24/7 advice service and regular legislation and regulation updates.

Peninsula’s SafeWorkCheck feature provides an onsite OHS audit and review. A health & safety consultant visits business premises to carry out a compliance review, review safety arrangements, create a health & safety action plan, provide an evaluation report, and deliver pragmatic advice. This service helps businesses stay compliant and protected as well as keep employees safe.