Public Inc.


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We help brands profit with purpose.

We have no shortage of ideas. What we’re looking for are like-minded collaborators to move them from the whiteboard to the real world.

Public Inc. is a full service social impact marketing agency. We are driven by a philosophy and approach that believes: profit and purpose go hand-in-hand; activation trumps awareness; innovation (and corresponding risk taking) is a must; and asking “what’s in it for me?” is not a dirty question.

Our business model is two-fold: PUBLIC Agency, where we create cause strategies and campaigns (branding, corporate sponsorship, fundraising, public education, advocacy and volunteer engagement) for companies and charities; PUBLIC Accelerator, where we create our own social businesses and initiatives to generate social impact.

If you have talent, ideas, money or ambition (or all four!) to change the rules, we’d love to meet you and together, put ideas into action. Get in touch and learn what’s keeping us up at night, preoccupying our shower time, and on our ‘to do’​ list.