Roots Marketing


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A business owner’s time is precious. Your company’s marketing plan must be smart, effective, and efficient. Roots Marketing is a full-service provider able to meet all of your needs and help you grow.

Our experienced team specializes in digital marketing campaigns, developing the perfect online strategies that work for your specific business. We offer a wide range of digital services, like social media marketing, Google Ads, email marketing, SMS marketing, and much more. We leverage these platforms to increase your company’s online exposure, which generates leads, sales, and ultimately, growth.

We also have a network of TVs in high-traffic consumer environments across Southern Ontario. Strategically positioned in restaurants, hair salons, gyms, hotels, medical centres, government offices, and hospitals, among other locations, every TV operates on a 25-minute loop. During playback, the advertisements occupy a full screen, providing incredible exposure for your business.

The expertise of our Roots Marketing team extends far beyond digital marketing and video advertising. We offer a full range of additional services, including web design, content creation, and even recruitment.

Roots Marketing meets all of your marketing needs. We get you noticed – and grow your business.